Why take a DC Taxi over a smartphone

network transportation company?


Well, there are several reasons:

First, DC Taxi drivers are background checked by the DC Police, the FBI, Interpol, the driver’s state of residence and (if the driver is from a foreign country), the country origin.

Smartphone network drivers are not, and with some terrible and well publicized criminal consequences.  You do not know who could be picking you up, nor their criminal history.

Secondly, DC Taxi drivers must have their vehicle checked twice per year by the Department of Motor Vehicles for safety violation, performance, and registration documentation.

Smartphone network drivers often are just private citizens, occasionally picking up through a smartphone network with no commercial vehicle licensure at all and thus, as a private owner, the vehicle, at least in DC, is inspected only once per year for safety.

Thirdly, DC Taxi drivers are licensed commercial carriers and by law must have commercial insurance to cover any passenger(s).

Since smartphone network drivers often are just private citizens, nearly all only have the private personal insurance for the passengers and the vehicle.  If they get into an accident performing as a commercial carrier, their insurance  will not cover commercial liability for either the policy holder, nor the passengers!  After the accident, the private policy is usually cancelled. 

Forthly, and last, smartphone network drivers operate under a very different consumer price schedule than taxi drivers, for whom the DCTC sets the local standard rates, with no exceptions.

The base fare for smart phone network drivers is company-based and company imposed.  Surge fees exist during high demand (holidays, back to school demand, etc.), emergency fees can be double or triple taxi fares for the same trip. For example, during Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey riders were charged 3x the normal rate to leave the area.  And, upscale prices for the number of passengers, type of car demand are built into the smart phone network fee schedule.

In summary, Let the buyer beware!  You may not get what you pay for, nor have whom you want to be driving.  At this point, its too late!!  You could be toast!!